Entry #1

Good news everyone! (or atleast news)

2007-09-30 14:20:19 by SlanSai

So my 2 years long flash break finally came to an end.

It happened like a month ago. I was looking at some old stuff when i came across this unfinished project called "In Deep Waters". The plot will stay a secret for now (but i think u can guess where it takes place), but i can tell you that ive got 2 min and 32 seconds of animation as of today. It's stilll missing sounds and some action sequences so i guess it'ill be another month or so until release. Ill let you feast on this screenshot until then.

On another note i made a Halloween Short that i hope everyone will find amusing. Due to a lot of other stuff going on i could only spend 4 days on it but tbh i think it turned it pretty good. I will keep it safe on my hard drive until 31 october though :P.

Oh and i started drawing again, the avatar is one of many speedpaints. You could check out the rest at my dApage

I wonder if anyone reads theese posts :P

Good news everyone! (or atleast news)


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2007-09-30 14:23:11

cool. I'll check it out some time.

Sincerely, a person you don't know.


2007-09-30 14:46:22

Wow... cool... Can't wait until Halloween.


2007-09-30 16:53:24

looks great for something that was started 2 yrs ago ;)


2007-10-27 01:18:19

Wow! I really liked your Halloween cartoon <3! Its short but the graphics and movements are really smooth and the character design was very nice too ^_^ I looked at your site and the other shots for In Deep Waters looks just as good if not better than your halloween short. Good luck on that, I anticipate its release! Artist Fav!


2007-10-28 23:59:15

Already wathching you on dA
awesome drawings.